ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rhinestones and Rompers

Rompers and rhinestone sandals are all the rage right now. This Fashionista get bonus fashion points for rocking two trends in one outfit. For now let’s focus on her fabulous sandals. I’ve seen these sandals everywhere this summer. They’re in Target, H&M, Forever 21 and of course, they’re in Vogue magazine. Everyone who is anyone is wearing them, including the fashionable students at Kent State.

So why are these sandals such a big deal? Well just look at them, they’re the perfect summer sandal. They’re edgy without being over the top and subtle without being boring. The flat, padded sole is perfect for long walks across campus or taking an afternoon stroll with a friend. This Fashionista used her trendy sandals to spice an already trendy outfit. As I said earlier rompers are all the rage right now. They keep us cool and stylish on the hottest of summer days.

This black and white romper looks elegant beautiful on our Fashionista. It also fits her really well which is important in regards to rompers. You don’t want your romper to be too tight or too baggy, you want it to fit just right, just like this Fashionistas. On top of her romper is a light black cardigan which can be worn during the day for a more conservative look and taken off at night for a more free and casual look. Her hair is wrapped in a chic black scarf and rests in a bun on top of her head. This outfit is full of trends, but her rhinestone sandals stole the show.

How To: Throw on your favorite romper and pick up a pair of rhinestone sandals at Target and you have yourself a very stylish and relatively inexpensive outfit. These sandals will go perfectly with any color, style or pattern.