At a time when everyone is obsessed with Pokemon Go, Clinton is running for president, Full House is one of the most-viewed shows on Netflix and Your Calvins are as beautiful as we first saw them on Kate Moss… It’s safe to say: Welcome back to the ’90s! The most popular ’90s trend we see circulating right now, however, is undeniably the choker necklace.

It’s hard not to spot the choker on this Fashionista when she walks on the street. No matter how simple of an accessory it actually is, she pulls it off so well. While her leather boots, jean shorts and gorgeous vintage belt look great, her choker necklace is what ultimately seals the deal. It adds a touch of edginess without screaming anything too extravagant.

My absolute favorite thing about the choker though remains its history. Historically, chokers have been associated with the aristocracy. In 19th-century France, only the wealthiest of heiresses were seen with a tight-fitted choker around their neck. At the end of the century, because of its prestigious fashion status, queens and ballerinas started wearing it. Around the same time, the choker started making a more significant cultural impact and took on a deeper meaning among society’s alienated groups of people. To see it make a comeback in the ’90s and witness its uproarious popularity today is something I particularly love, because the choker is just one of many post-1789 things that partly explain why we behave the way we do today.

As I’ve never been a big trend follower myself, I become fascinated whenever I see someone follow fashion trends. This time though, it’s different. The choker looked so good on this Fashionista that I went home, got an old silk scarf out and wrapped it around my neck.

Oh, to be a trendsetter.

How To: Don’t like the feeling of a choker rubbing against your neck? Take any kind of long fabric, wrap it around your neck at the grip which you’re most comfortable with and tie it. The bandana has been particularly popular lately, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a new trend.