ALL IN THE DETAILS: Refresh with a Ribbon

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Refresh with a Ribbon

It’s the end of August and the summer season is coming to a slow close. We’re reaching a point where we open our closet doors and see nothing but racks full of very well loved, repeatedly worn outfits. We peruse our selection of off-the-shoulder dresses, silk blouses and patterned rompers and cannot help but feel a yearning for change. Buying new clothes is out of the question; its time to save the rest of that summer job money that we already spent too much of. Since we still have several weeks before fall comes around, we are now faced with the task of figuring out ways to keep our summer wardrobes exciting so that we can finish the season in style.

One of the most effective ways to change up your already-worn summer wardrobe is to jazz up simple pieces with of-the-moment accessories. This Fashionista exhibited this effortlessly by choosing a simple black tank top and pant combination as her base. She first paired a nude ribbon choker; a major trend this summer, with a silver necklace. Ribbon chokers are great accessories because they are wonderfully easy to make work. They are inexpensive and accessible (which is a win-win in a college girl’s life). You can find ribbon almost anywhere in any color and turn it into a chic embellishment that can take your outfit to the next level. Like this Fashionista did, make sure you select the size, color and texture that suits you best.

The ribbon choker isn’t the only thing making this outfit so marvelous. The nude heels keep the outfit simple while giving it balance, as they are the same color as the ribbon. The bracelets and rings give the look some additional texture. The simple black sunglasses add a little extra summer flair. Lastly, the pale pink handbag ties the look together and gives it a pop of femininity.

How To: Want to learn how to rock the ribbon choker in a way that reflects your personal style? Put together a simple base outfit first. Then, you can go to any craft store or place that sells ribbon, pick from a plethora of colors, sizes, patterns, etc., cut yourself a strip of it and tie or pin it around your neck! Simple and stylish.