ALL IN THE DETAILS: Reflecting On Sunny Days

If there is one thing I can’t leave my house without this summer, it would be a pair of sunglasses. Besides the fact that I have a small obsession with cute sunglasses, I feel it is important to always shield my eyes from the blinding sun during the hot, summer months. Why not shield your eyes and do it with a dash of style? I feel like sunglasses can be one of the best ways to style your outfit and express yourself. From cat-eye sunglasses to circular or square sunglasses, there are so many variations to choose from that not only frame your face well but also take your fashionable outfit that extra mile.

This Fashionista has a sporty/grunge sense of style and accessorizes her outfit with one of this summer’s trendiest accessories: the reflector sunglasses. Her blue Ray-Ban reflector sunglasses in the aviator style are just part of her amazing and sporty outfit. She is wearing a graphic tank top with some light washed jean shorts, a flannel shirt tied around her waist and a pair of gray Converse. Her outfit is simple and stylish. Although you wouldn’t think to accessorize this outfit too much, the sunglasses are the perfect touch. They add an element of color that goes with the blue on her flannel shirt.

What is also great about these sunglasses is that you can style these with many outfits. You can add them with a casual or even more formal ensemble, and you can switch up the colors. There are plenty of colored reflectors out there this summer. Pink, orange, green and lavender are just a few from the many reflectors available, and don’t think they all have a hefty price tag on them. Forever 21 or even American Eagle Outfitters have some cute pairs for a low price.

How To: Grab a pair of mirrored sunglasses in any style you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and styles. Everyone has a style of sunglasses that fits them really well. Grab the style you want and pair it with the outfit of your choice. Oh and don’t forget to rock it!