ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red, White and Black

July 8th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red, White and Black

July is upon us meaning the red, white and blue color combinations will reach their peak, then disappear faster than fireworks. All related styles in stores will quickly be moved to clearance racks to make way for incoming fall trends. So in theory, buying these styles is a total waste, as their trend lasts only a week. However, there are ways to wear these pieces without looking like the flag.

The Fashionista’s look shows subtle points of patriotism without the use of blatantly obvious stars and stripes. The Aztec print on her top pairs perfectly with her laid-back denim skirt. These two items could easily be paired with other items to create more outfits and remove the chance of waste.

Overall, the Fashionista’s accessories are what helps keep her color scheme subtle. Instead of pairing her outfit with accessories in red, white or blue, she stuck with black. Black is hands down the most universal color choice as it can be paired with virtually any color scheme.

The Fashionista’s three accessories, shoes, bag and hat, show the importance of being able to combine comfort, convenience and style. Her shoes, a solid pair of black Vans, are versatile and could be combined with numerous outfits while providing the comfort needed for walking and further proves how skirts do not always need to be paired with sandals or heels. Her bag is large enough to hold everything she needs, while being small enough to not be a hassle. Her hat, a staple piece that can transfer from a day around town to a day at the pool or beach, provides the comfort of shade. Let’s be real though, it’s ridiculously hot outside so if you have been thinking about pairing a hat with an outfit I advise you to go for it.

How To: If you’re looking to keep those patriotic pieces in use year round, or at least through summer, pair them with other pieces. Try pairing blue with black and red with denim for more looks and remember to always accessorize with neutral hues.