ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red Kicks, Not Just For Chicks

Men’s fashion has always been a “look but don’t touch” topic for me. I admire men who put effort into their appearance and know how to cuff, however, when it comes to the difference between a button-down and a button-up, I’m clueless. Nevertheless, fashion is fashion and since I’m all over that, I’ve decided to tackle the other half of the style sphere.

Women always comment about how easy getting ready is for men. Their hair doesn’t have to be blow dried, curled or straighten and their face doesn’t have to be practically painted on. As far as clothes, men can get away with very simple outfits to look trendy and respectable. However, what we women tend to look over is that it still takes time, effort and passion to create your personal style. Style is a way for men and women to express and brand themselves which has tremendous power. This Fashionisto demonstrates just that.

This European-inspired sporty outfit is what caught my eye but the red kicks are what really got me thinking. The shoes completely transformed his look from a basic T-shirt and jeans into a trendy, cohesive look. This Fashionista also demonstrates the importance of investing in accessories and saving on clothing. For example, if a women wears a 15 dollar dress and pairs it will a pair of designer shoes or bag, you would never guess the price of the dress. Accessories are wardrobe staples and investing in them will allow your look to upgrade to a new level of elegance. This Fashionisto’s red kicks are to thank for the class and trend his look portrays. So, whether you’re a he or a she, take notes on the importance of accessories because, frankly, style is all in the details.

How To: Start with a neutral outfit and add pops of color that compliment the less bright colors. And by the way, adding different textures and patterns is totally Style Guru approved, too!