ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rebellious Bracelets

This week I’m focusing on the convenience and versatility of bracelets. As I mentioned in previous posts, you don’t have to work too hard to make a fashion statement. Bracelets have always been an extremely popular accessory and whether you’re looking for outrageous bling or just want to cover up an awkward scar, they definitely come in handy. You can also stack those bad boys as much as you want! Stacked bracelets can create an elegant look as well as an edgy look depending on the style you choose.

One thing I love the about wearing bracelets is how they can describe someone’s personality. This week’s Fashionista has told me a lot about her personality through her wrists alone. Her outfit is very casual from her shirt to her moccasins. Her wrists, however, display various stacked bracelets that scream “I am a rebel!” You could never tell she’s a rebel from her clothes alone. If wrists could say so much about a person, I wonder what mine say about me!

Another key factor about bracelets is how well they go with any outfit. I rarely have to swap out bracelets since my wardrobe corresponds with them well. The only time I absolutely have to remove some of my own is when I have a formal event to attend. Other than that, I wear generally the same bracelets every day and I like to call them a staple accessory.

How To: Worry less about the clothes you’re wearing. As long as you keep your outfit casual, the overall look will be authentic. Focus on your jewelry with rubber band bracelets or handmade bracelets. The more developed your preferences are, the more personal you bracelet sequence will be.