ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ready, Set, Accessorize

You know what one of my biggest pet peeves happens to be? Folks getting all dressed up and there is not even an earring to show for it? I mean, come on! It is not that hard to, at the very least, throw on a pair of studs and call it a day. Jewelry is essential. Even when you are waking up 10 minutes before your 9:00 a.m. class and you decide to throw on the first pair of sweats you see hanging on your desk chair; throw on a pair of pearl earrings or studs. I promise, it will make your outfit go from that of a bum to, well, that of less of a bum!

I was driving around campus and I was drawn to this Fashionista. Why? Her jewelry literally caught my eye (maybe it was because of the sun bouncing off of her David Yurman bracelets and I happened to catch the reflection of that action). In my head I was all like, “I found my girl!”

Besides the David Yurman bracelets, she had a granite-colored necklace and rings on both hands. One of the rings was her Aggie ring and for my Texas readers out there, you know I was not too fond of that, being we were on Texas Tech’s campus (just a bit of school rivalry fun; nothing too serious!). This Fashionista topped off her outfit with a teal Longchamp bag and a pair of Tory Burch flats. So cute! Note to y’all: Longchamp nylon bags are perfect for going to class in style. They come in all sorts of colors, they are fashion forward and they are durable enough to hold your spirals and books.

How To: Accessorizing is pretty easy to do. If you’re dressed down, opt for a simple pair of studs. If you decide to wear a turtleneck that day, go for a longer necklace. If a sleeveless top best complements your jeans for the day, lace your hands with arm candy. A purse or a man bag (for Fashionistos) works to pull your whole look together!