January 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

“Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.” We’ve all heard the nursery rhyme, but now we don’t have to live by it. Lately, there have been a lot of rain storms that we’ve all hoped would freeze over into snow. I was dreaming of a white Christmas, but it turned out it was pretty gray. One day of rain is bearable, but when the days turn into weeks of gray, you start to feel a little gray yourself. I know my first instinct when I hear rain pattering on the window is to stay in bed and, more importantly, stay in sweats.

This Fashionisto proves that you no longer need to take a rain check on your day. Some people believe that when the rain starts pouring, it’s time to hang up your nice clothes and dig through your drawers for sweatpants and an old high school T-shirt. However, with the right accessories made for the rain, you can still be fashionable no matter the forecast. The best part about it is, it’s super easy!

This Fashionisto decided he wasn’t going to let the rain dictate what he was going to wear. He first picked out his outfit like normal with a white button-up and gray washed jeans. Then he styled his outfit for the rain with a Columbia rain jacket and Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes. His rain jacket featured a hidden zipper in the collar to easily stash away the hood when the rain stopped. Special features like this make certain rain jackets especially excellent for easily switching between rain and play. This Fashionisto decided to wear boat shoes instead of rain boots. Depending on how hard it’s raining, you can decide if a boat shoe with a rubber outsole for dry or wet traction or a full rain boot with waterproof construction will work best. Since the rain had ended and there was just the remnants of the rain left, the boat shoe was a perfect fit.

Don’t be worried Fashionistas, this applies for you too! Almost all brands that make rain gear offer rain jackets and rain boots for you gals too. You can also find a large supply of stylish rain boots made to look extra cute while you’re nonchalantly stomping through the puddles.

So, next time you look out side and feel like you’ve just stepped into a rainy day in Seattle, remember that it never has to stop you from looking your best.

How To: Dressing for the rain is super easy. First off, wear anything you want! Don’t feel like you can’t wear that new outfit you just got just because theres a 90 percent chance of rain ahead. Simply pair your outfit with rain ready accessories. Invest in a good rain jacket and some waterproof shoes and you’re ready to go. Never again will your style have to take a rain check.