Accessories are the second most fun way to enhance, and express your sense of style. It’s always the big bold necklace that brings the mood of an outfit out more, or even it’s the bag that you’re carrying. For me it’s always my hoop gold earrings that I just can’t seem to leave without. When a person walks in the room the first thing you notice is his or her outfit of course, but then your eyes instantly go down to what kind of shoes are they wearing? What kind of bag are they carrying? What type of necklace are they wearing?

Most complements are given on what accessories someone may be wearing, my favorite bag that I carry most of the time would be my snake skin blue Michael Kors bag. It brings my outfits out more simply because of the color and how the color pops! Just like this Fashionista her bag and super bold necklace is what she described to help her enhance her look. Her outfit includes a sleeveless plaid shirt, a gray knit top, her ripped black jeans, followed by her metallic silver bag and lastly her rounded silver necklace.

How To: Adding large accessories may not be what you have in a mind as a Fashionista/o. A great solution is you could add small accessories such as stud earrings with a cross necklace or you could even carry a cross body bag instead of a clutch. Hats are always a go-to way for an outfit, especially on a bad weather day whether it’s raining, or just too hot outside. This way by adding smaller items you can add more, to me more is better when necessary. Accessories are just an enhancement in your look that can take you from being casual to possibly chic.