Some of you may have heard about the northwest’s obsession with the flannel. Up here, there’s something about a colorful plaid pattern and soft, thick material coming together in the form of an oversized button-down that is so irresistible. The best part is that they work so well with different textures. You can put a flannel over just about anything from white lace to black leather or even cool blue denim. Rumor has it, the flannel isn’t just making the rounds with the hipsters in the northwest anymore and is working its way across country and even into New York Fashion Week.

This Fashionista has a bit of a tomboy side so when it comes to fashion, comfort comes first. She says she is most comfortable in a good pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, but when it comes time for class, a flannel will do. She pairs a flannel with a T-shirt and dark wash jeans to add a splash of color to the simple look. She prefers to keep her flannel unbuttoned to show off even more of her personality to her look with printed T-shirts or meaningful accessories. She lets her California pride be known with this simple gold pendant necklace as well as the Los Angeles T-shirt from Brandy Melville.

How To: Flannels can really pull together an entire outfit, so feel free to layer with as little or as much texture as you please. Leave it unbuttoned to show off more of your personal style or button it all the way up and let a statement necklace peek through. To avoid looking a little too Daisy Duke, leave the shirt untied and stick to dark wash or black denim. No matter what you choose to rock under a flannel, you’ll be cozy with a northwest twist all day.