ALL IN THE DETAILS: Purses and Bags Galore

June 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

With the heat continuing to rise as we head deeper into the summer months, we tend to become rather lazy when it comes to putting as much effort into accessorizing our outfits. We shoot for wearing as few layers as possible and I have found that the majority of us like to keep the jewelry to a minimum. However, that is no excuse for not being able to add a little pizazz to your outfit.

Alas, there is the art of finding the perfect purse or bag to complete your outfit. This Fashionista has it right! What first struck me about her outfit was the simplicity of the black top and white shorts—a very simple and chic look for the summer. And of course, her brown wedges are a perfect pairing. The most eye-catching component of this Fashionista’s outfit is her gold quilted cross-body purse. It adds the pop of color that you really do not get anywhere else is in this ensemble, which is perfect for maintaining the simple look she was going for while still adding that extra bit of flair.

It is so important to have a variety of purses and bags for every occasion. For me, selecting which bag I will pair with my outfit is a key step to putting together any completed look. It is important to have your small “fun” purses for going out and your solid, neutral bags that you can carry around all day long.

How To: Get up and put on whatever outfit you feel like wearing that day—jeans and a top, a dress, casual shorts and a T-shirt—whatever it is. Find a fabulous pair of shoes to go with it, and at the very least throw on earrings and a watch. Browse through your collection of purses and bags and pick out the one that will perfectly complete the look you are going for, (anywhere between casual and formal). Keep it simple with neutrals, or add the perfect pop of color with something eye catching such as pink or red. The perfect purse or bag will be the final component to making all outfits look fabulous!