Music is very important in the creation of new fashion. People want to wear certain types of clothing depending on the mood or feeling that the music gives them. For example, at country festivals you will see people wearing frilly sundresses with cowboy boots and hats. Usually, these people have never set foot on a farm of any sort but in order to fit in with country music they wear that clothing. Punk rock music is aggressive and makes a statement against everything mainstream. Punk fashion follows the same tone by being very outlandish and statement worthy. Vivienne Westwood, the woman who started this movement, thrived on the shock value of her clothing.

This Fashionista shows her spin on the punk rock style. She is wearing a denim white vest over a simple black dress. She has on white sandals and is carrying a black and white tote bag. The accessories of this outfit are what stand out. She has on a black chocker necklace and big vintage style sunglasses. For makeup, she has on dark purple lipstick that stands out against her skin tone and really drives the punk rock look home. In order to make a statement in any type of clothing, you have to be confident and carry yourself in a certain way. The way you carry yourself in an outfit is key to rocking an outfit. For the punk look, you need to have attitude and a little bit of resentment at the world.

Vivienne Westwood, the legendary creator of the punk rock style, once said “There was no punk before me and Malcolm. And the other thing you should know about punk too: it was a total blast… what I do now is still punk—it’s still about shouting about injustice and making people think…I’ll always be punk in that sense.”

How To: The punk rock genre can be intimidating but once you’ve delved into it full heartily you can rock it too (only a little pun intended). To rock this look make sure you grab a statement jewelry item. Whether that is a chocker necklace, like this Fashionista, or a pair of skull earring; anything that looks punk will do. Look for inspiration from Vivienne Westwood. Dark lipstick is another must have for punk rock glam. And remember attitude and confidence.