ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pulling It All Together

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Unfortunately, due to my early morning classes this semester and stick-to-the-status-quo mindset, I don’t think much about my accessories. I have worn the same necklace for four years, I sport the same stack of bracelets every day and never take off my high school class ring. This Fashionista, however, uses her jewelry to tie together the different hues in her look.

There is a wide variety of colors in this look: simple black on top, shades of blue and fuchsia in her wrap skort and mint blue on her sandals. This Fashionista used her accessories to pull her look together. With hints of blue in her bracelets and a raspberry anklet, she created cohesion between her skort and her sandals (which, yes, are worn in January in Los Angeles).

This Fashionista’s accessories are also light, bright and airy; they stand out in contrast to her dark top and muted skort, but don’t take away from her overall look. This white watch with gold accents and the silver rings stacked up on both of her hands are perfect additions to her bracelets. This Fashionista managed to wear a lot of jewelry without overwhelming her look or distracting from her actual clothing; that’s pretty RAD.

How To: Go for bracelets of the same kind of material, whether that be metal or fabric or leather. This will prevent your wrists from becoming a huge mish-mosh of materials. You can also layer on tons of bracelets without it becoming too busy; especially with braided bracelets, like the ones on this Fashionista’s wrist. Mixing metals is totally okay—the gold on this watch plays off the silver in her rings and the muted silver in one of her bracelets. And don’t be afraid of anklets! When putting together your jewelry and accessories for a look, focus on pulling together the different colors already present in your clothing items for maximum cohesion.