So here, we’ve got aliens, florals and cheetah print! Oh my! How more exciting could a combination of patterns possibly get? This Fashionista’s walking piece of art definitely caught my attention as I was walking by the atelier buildings and art galleries in Chelsea. I literally sprinted back three-fourths of a block to catch a better glimpse!

Visually, this ensemble is mind-blowingly psychedelic! I would have never thought to mix such loud, vibrant and unusual prints together, let alone every variety of extraterrestrial (mustached included)! I’m super inspired. It’s like as if my childhood dreams came alive in one outfit (though the work of Jeremy Scott does a great job at fulfilling this as well).

It definitely takes major gonads to juxtapose bold next to bold, even within close perimeters of the garment district! Still, this Fashionista balances off her colorful galaxy of aliens (illustrations by Matt Furie) and loud baroque florals with just the appropriate accessories. In addition to these big and bold prints, she adds a very subtle touch of contrasting cheetah print and blue flash lenses to break up her outfit. Likewise, she sports a solid yellow stappy purse and brown boots to complete her look.

What I’ve learned from many a Fashionista sporting “prints on prints,” it is both essential and completely necessary to distract from what can be optically overwhelming (though the loud combination is pretty glorious if I do say so myself!). Providing just the right amount of solids, neutrals and complimentary accessories may just implement the perfect mind-blowingly artistic (and wearable) outfit!

How To: Be brave. Be bold. Mix those prints. Also, follow Jen Stark‘s works of art for some inspiration when creating your next mixed and matched ensemble!