ALL IN THE DETAILS: Printed Paradise

Greetings Fashionistas! This summer has got me feeling extremely lazy, and sometimes when you get as lethargic as I do, you forget to shave. This is a huge issue, especially when it is too hot to cover yourself up in restricting jeans to hide your hairy legs. I mean, us girls have enough to focus on like our hair, makeup and nails. The absolute last thing we need to worry about are our legs! So, to solve this issue, I am teaching you how to style fun pants so you can skip shaving without having to worry about receiving weird stares from strangers or feeling uncomfortable with your stubble.

Fun pants are one of the best weapons us Fashionistas can use as to combat our razor problems. They are comfortable, easy to throw on and make you look like you spent hours getting ready when in reality you spent only .05 seconds putting these pants on. Unless you are wearing a matching set of top and bottoms of the same exact print and fabric, make sure you pair them with very neutral and basic pieces of clothing with minimal detailing. I suggest creating an ensemble with tank tops or short sleeve tops rather than long sleeve tops to prevent the look from being overwhelming. Also, to keep rather cool, avoid long sleeve tops.

This Fashionista did a fabulous job at styling her fun pants by matching the maroon color that is prominent on her pants to her tank top. Both the pants and the top are the same material, making the ensemble look uniform and aesthetically pleasing. She jazzed up her look by throwing on a silver, Aztec influenced statement necklace and some minimalistic jewelry around her wrists. To protect her eyes from the blazing sun, she put on a black felt hat. Lastly, to tie the look together she wore some simple strappy black sandals on her feet.

I hope this helped all you fellow Fashionistas to rock those fun pants and save time in the shower! Have a #RAD week!

How To: Rock your special pair of fun pants with a simple tank top and a couple of cute, dainty necklaces. Throw on some sunnies and some sandals, and you are ready for a fun summer day!