ALL IN THE DETAILS: Prick, Prat, Pattern

I love summer. It is the time to explore styles, cities and trends, and this Fashionista has definitely nailed it. The style of her dress makes this outfit on pointe in today’s society, but the unique and interesting pattern makes this outfit visually appealing to all that pass by. The thing I love most about this outfit, is that the teeny tiny details compile to make this awesome, new creation!

The design itself is bright and bold which makes the dress visually interesting, but the print isn’t going to make the dress too overwhelming, which can be a fine line in some outfits.

She pairs incredible shoes with a bold pattern to highlight the turquoise in her dress. It’s subtle, but it is a really good color with her skin tone, that is really well shown in this outfit. The back details keep this dress from being too average, and attention grab-by. It shows that even though she has great style, this dress is made for casual wear, and keeps it from being too over the top.

Her RAD purse makes this outfit more than a fashion statement; it’s a political statement. The bold equal sign is universally known as a marriage equality sign, and it matches the purple in her dress perfectly.

Finally, her makeup is simple, letting the focus be on her outfit.

How To: Buy a bold dress (or, for Fashionistas/os who don’t want to wear dresses, buy a bold top). It should fit you well, and be showy. The most important thing is to love what it is, and how you look. Next, get a pair of bright shoes that work with everything. I mean it; everything. Finally, get a statement bag. The bag doesn’t need to be political (although it totally can if you want it to. Fashion is what you make it). And volia! You have an outfit that looks (and feels) totally RAD.