ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pop It Like It’s Hot

Summer is officially in full swing, and with that said it is time for colorful hues to start constantly making an appearance. Sun’s out, fun’s out with bright pinks, yellows and blues all featured in the everyday fit. To all the neutral lovers out there it’s ok. There’s still a way to contrast the classic colors with the ever so popular black. If color-block is just not your thing, and there’s really no time to figure out how to make a floral pattern match with your favorite black and white T-Shirt, this Fashionisto has just the solution!

Who says it has to be all or nothing? When it comes to color, a little pop can go a long way. However, it is important that the chosen colors to pop complement one another, and in this outfit they all happen to be primary!

This is a classic solution to a timeless problem. What colors can mix and match and still look good together? Different shades of red, yellow and blue are a great place to start.

For this look, He chose to draw in the pops of color from the graphic baseball T-shirt and accessorizing with the creative use of an American flag bandana. The rest of his outfit stays neutral with the black in the faux leather jacket, classic blue jeans and Nike Air Max sneakers. The silver necklace adds a neutral accessory, however the outfit lends itself to versatility when the gold-toned aviators are added to the ensemble.

Black will always be the new black, but when when summer brings some more color into your life, you don’t have to turn it down. There are ways to make trends your own, just as this Fashionisto did ever so successfully. If you don’t want to go big, keep it simple.

How To: If you find yourself in this predicament, go ahead and reference the color wheel. It will show you the color families that will look best together, and from there let the creativity take you on a colorful journey!