ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playing With Patterns

As my style has evolved throughout college, I have added many more patterns to my wardrobe. I used to be scared of patterns because I didn’t know how to style them, but meeting so many Fashionistas and Fashionistos throughout the years have made me make it past my aversion. Today’s Fashionista styled her patterned top exactly right.

What I have come to learn is that patterns are one detail of a look, a defining detail at that. So, what does that mean exactly? It means that you can’t just throw on a crazy patterned top and not think about the rest of the look and expect to look put together. The look has to complement the pattern and not overshadow it at the same time.

Today’s Fashionista does just that by pairing her loose satin pink and navy geometric patterned top with a pair of dark wash jeans which are cuffed at the ankle. She wore neutral colored strappy wedges with gold detailing and a simple long gold and pearl necklace that ties in the gold detailing on her wedges (here is a similar shirt and similar shoes).

Her shoes nor her necklace overshadow the detail of her patterned top, but rather they add the slightest touch of sophistication that dresses up jeans and a blouse just enough. Her patterned top is still the most important detail of her look and the small additions she increase the overall sleekness of her outfit.

How To: Want to wear prints, but not sure how to do it in a chic way? Make sure to pick only one aspect of your look to feature the print, and keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral.