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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Plain to Pa-Pow!

Asking me to describe my personal style makes me feel like I’m sweating under the light of a microscope. I feel small and zeroed in on, as if I must answer right away. After all, I am a Style Guru. I should have a ready answer. But my style is just as scattered as my mind, and I tend to be a blur of styles and trends. Putting together an outfit that works is hit or miss with me. But this Fashionista knew how to “make it work,” as the lovely Tim Gunn would say.

By mixing a ribbed sleeveless crop top with a textured periwinkle skirt, she brought an edge to the softness of her look. Her flowing natural curls were soft and sweet, but the wing of her eyeliner was a bit sharper. A tan belt and matching Lucky Brand flats pulls the look together, but its her selection of the funky statement necklace that makes her look standout. Bright colored beads, rhinestones and spikes gives the outfit a special touch to take it from just “put together” to “has it together.” I admire this Fashionista’s eye for style; I think she knows how to make different trends work in sync, and probably doesn’t have as many hit or miss days. That may be just me.

How To: Ever have on an outfit that just seems to be missing something? Adding a fun statement necklace, belt or piling on rings can always give your look another stylish facet. Or if your feeling too plain, I’ve always found a bold shade of lipstick can lift the spirits too.