ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pinspiration

Michael Kors once said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” To this day, I couldn’t agree more to the true testament an accessory can make to the world about one’s personality. It also never fails to surprise me how confident boosting a statement piece can make you feel. Take a bold pair of red heels as an example. It is the epitome of ways to say “I feel sexy,” and everyone understands this cultural norm. They speak in ways that sometimes words just cannot.

Accessory overload, though, can be equally disheartening as under accessorizing. You know when you pass by a stranger on the street, and you cringe at the fashion overstimulation that is taking place in front of you? Yeah, me too. What caught my eye about this Fashionista is the simplicity of her look, but I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the cluster of pins on her canvas tote bag. Now this is an accessory I have never truly dabbled in myself, and I was surprised by the impact these small accents had in hinting at this Fashionista’s personality.

She threw on cargo green pants for a relaxed, weekday vibe. She then coupled this with a periwinkle blue tank top to beat the summer heat. Sandals have become especially trendy this summer, and every style and shade has popped up on the fashion market. This Fashionista nailed the look right on the head with suede Birkenstocks for maximum style and comfort.

Finally, the accessory to top off the look: a pin collection, mounted proudly on a canvas book bag. They offer a look at this Fashionista’s interests, ambitions and possibly even her favourite pop culture references. Start up your own mini collection and you have yourself a great conversation starter, or perhaps simply an accessory to speak on your behalf.

How To: Hit up your local thrift stores or vintage shops to find your own unique pins. Then purchase a canvas bag with fun, quirky sayings for maximum personality.