There may not be a whole lot of blazing red love in the summertime but there’s plenty of yellow lemonade, cold blue popsicles and sunshine…pink sunshine, to be precise. In fact, my lovely Fashionista has managed to capture some pink sunshine on her top.

The heat was in her favor when she chose this ruffled halter top. First off, it ties at the top and bottom allowing the neckline to be raised or lowered however she fancies. (I think by now you’ve all figured out that I’m all about versatility, but this time it’s not the highlight of my article.) The best part about this Fashionista’s outfit is the cut and color of her halter top. I mean, the pink tie-dye mirrors what one could call a cotton candy sky and it’s so deep it almost grabs your eyes right out of your head. It’s completely captivating. And the cut with its angle and being so far from the traditional makes it to die for. She’s not playing it safe with this top at all and I love it.

But she doesn’t stop there; she accessorizes her outfit with several vital pieces. Working her way from head to toe, she wears a lipstick by MAC, while painting her nails with a frosted blue polish by OPI to complement the pink. In case she may need to reapply either one of these, she carries a leather backpack, and looking further down to her feet she wears a pair of olive colored Chuck Taylor Converse. Of course, her sun-kissed honey blonde hair is a built-in accessory of its own.

How To: Don’t be afraid to ride the edge. It’s all about not falling over. Pick out a ruffled halter top with an intriguing print and match it with a similarly colored lipstick. Keep the rest of your outfit simple by wearing solid white or black shorts.