When you live in Rochester, New York, fashion is something that is definitely expressed in all types of ways during the winter months (which happen to be a large portion of the year).  Some opt for comfort, some for the necessity of warmth, and some for their own style.  Rarely is it that someone can combine all three and look absolutely fabulous while doing so.  One of the most stylish people I know has to be my best friend. This girl has a unique, individual, ADORABLE style that’s trendy but at the same time all her own.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear the same outfit twice.  Is that because she has 365 different complete outfits in her closet?  No, but because this is someone that truly knows how to accessorize, mix and match to create a personal fashion statement each day.

This Fashionista has a knack for combining different statement pieces into her outfit while still coordinating all of them together to make a truly fashionable look that’s perfect for visiting some of our favorite shopping spots downtown together (check out Parkleigh!) and grabbing a cup of coffee.  Some of her favorite every day pieces include her Dr. Martens, which are a MUST in the snowy months in upstate New York, and her olive military jacket layered over a black cardigan.  This Fashionista knows how to combine elements of femininity with edginess, as shown by her magenta crepe shift dress paired with sheer black tights.  Her color scheme compliments her skin tone while simultaneously standing out.

What makes this Fashionista’s outfit unique is her choice of accessories and their origin.  Featured are some of her many pins which are my absolute favorite part of her look here.  The feminism pin is from Planned Parenthood, the “be nice or leave” pin was picked up at Disney World, the “33 1/3 RPM” pin is from a local hotspot for music lovers: Record Archive, and the Supertramp pin was actually her dad’s!  Adding pins to your jacket along with patches or other similar items is a common trend in the Rochester area, among people our age, in particular.  Her blue stone necklace is another aspect that makes this look 100 percent her.  It was purchased a few months ago at the popular fair in Toronto, Canada: the Canadian National Exhibition.

Completing her ensemble, she added a stylish scarf of her mom’s, a pastel leather purse from Nine West, and her extremely cute clear rimmed glasses (yes, they are prescription). This Fashionista is not only a great human being and friend to me, but also one of my personal style inspirations. Check out her instagram for more of her gorgeous looks!

How To: Visit your local record store or novelty shop to find some pins that you could use in your outfit, and don’t be afraid to layer with basic staple pieces like this Fashionista did to create a look all your own!