ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect Patterned Pants

Who ever said that bright clothes are only for spring and summer? Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean clothing has to be boring. Patterned pants are a great statement piece for any season. Plaid, tribal, striped—there are so many different patterns out there to pick and choose from. This Fashionista shows us how she brought her crazy, patterned pants into a casual, everyday look. She pairs her pants with a gray crop top, a cropped denim jacket and gray sneakers.

These paper-bag style pants are a great transition piece for any season. They cinch in at the waist to bring in some shape, and are cropped at the ankle to provide a clean transition into the feet and shoes. In my opinion, cropped pants are a total lifesaver for us short girls everywhere. This Fashionista’s pants easily translate into every season because of their versatility. It’s because there is so much going on that we can wear these pants any time of year. In this Fashionista’s pants, there are both bright, summery pinks and dark, autumnal reds, giving the pants a both cold weather and warm weather look. The pants are made of a light, super soft cotton material, making them perfect for spring/summer days hanging out and lazy fall/winter days in class. If it’s too cold outside, wearing a thick denim jacket and a pair of cropped leggings underneath the pants can add that extra bit of warmth you need. It’s all about layering, folks.

How To: This look is incredibly easy to bring into your own wardrobe.  A pair of patterned pants like these will be a definite statement piece for the entire year. To get this look, wear your favorite patterned pants with other pieces that won’t overshadow the pants. In other words, keep the rest of your outfit simple and let your pants do the talking.