ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfect Pair of Footwear

Snow flurries, sleet, rain and hail have come our way here in western Pennsylvania. Around campus, many people are resorting to sweatpants, jeans and leggings. Let’s face it; you want to stay warm during the winter months. There will be that one day, however, that you will look in your closet and see that you have a cute LBD to wear or a fancy skirt to show off. You want to wear it to class, but you are afraid to put it on because of the weather. There is one answer to this dilemma: over-the-knee socks and boots.

This Fashionista is a great example of how to wear this combination of socks and boots. I spotted her on a cold, winter day walking back from class. At first, her faux leather skirt from Gabriel Brothers caught my attention. Faux leather has been making a comeback for a while now in the party scene, but this Fashionista was daring enough to wear it to class. I love the way she pulled it off. She paired the skirt with a cream sweater from Wet Seal to create a more feminine, classy look. She then added some simple earrings and a rosary bead bracelet to add a little bit of detail to the outfit. But the over-the-knee socks and lace-up combat boots really completed her outfit.

They keep her legs warm throughout the day while walking to and from class. With this outfit, she shows how versatile her boots can be. She can dress them up with a feminine skirt and a sweater but can also create a vintage look at the same time. Adding a couple of extra accessories help to keep this Fashionista warm and cozy. This Fashionista has no fear when it comes to cold weather. She knows that a good pair of socks and boots are the answer.

How To: If you want to achieve the preppy look, try wearing cable knit socks with riding boots. This duo can be paired with skinny jeans or a cute dress. Do you want to dress down these accessories? Pair them with leggings and a graphic T-shirt. These accessories will help you stay stylish and comfortable. There are many colors and styles of boots and socks to wear for the winter and spring months. Don’t restrict yourself to this Fashionista’s color. Try these socks for a delicate look and these socks for a pop of color. Express your individuality through your accessories. Make it fun. With these accessories, you will always feel like a Fashionista even if it seems effortless.