Just one question: why did no one warn me how hot southern Mexico was going to be in August? My favorite pastime has gone from laying on the beach reading a book to laying in front of a fan dreaming of Canadian winters. As I mentioned in my previous post, my lack of adaptation to the heat has caused my style to falter, especially in the detail department. Fortunately, the rest of the world seems to be able to handle it better! For myself, my biggest summer problem is falling into a flip flop rut. Once they go on, they never come off, so I went in search of someone who could provide an alternative to my trusty Havianas.

That’s when I found this Fashionista who knows how to do summer footwear right. This Fashionista wears a simple denim style romper that allows for accessories to really shine, while keeping her cool and fashionable all the same. Her gorgeous red peep toe flats really steal the show by brightening up the rest of her outfit and creating a base for some other unique and funky accessories. I especially love the versatility of the metallic hair scrunchie that she has doubled as a fun and useful bracelet. She finished it off with a cool pair of gold hoops; she’s created the perfect outfit to beat the heat and stay stylish!

How To: If you want to change up your summer look without buying a whole new wardrobe, follow her lead and head off to the shops for something bright, funky and comfortable. These shoes from Vivienne Westwood, Charlotte Olympia and ASOS will all add a new twist on your outfit with minimal effort and great results!