ALL IN THE DETAILS: Peel Away The Layers

We’ve all heard the saying, “Good things come when we least expect them.” And the same goes for an outfit. Sometimes, the best outfit is put together when we’re so pressed for time and forced to throw on random pieces. There’s no time to overthink if the patterns will match or if the pieces will complement each other. What often times results is an effortless and unique outfit, and that’s precisely what made me fall in love with this Fashionista’s look. I caught her on a day she said she felt “super grungy,” but that’s what caught my eye.

This Fashionista’s combination of different styles and pieces created an outfit that looked effortless, stylish and, most importantly, unique.

What you see upon first glance is an awesomely layered look—a button-down, a cargo jacket and a menswear coat. But this layered look was made possible because she stuck with simple base pieces; her black skinny jeans and loose fitting gray T-shirt provide the perfect “blank canvas” from which to build onto.

She wears a light blue denim button-down over her gray T-shirt—denim button-downs are a must-have for winter and spring because of their simplicity and versatility. But she doesn’t stop her layering there. The next piece is a forest green military-inspired cargo jacket; the green and the blue denim pair together perfectly.

The final piece in her look is a dark green coat. The coat is simple, sleek and has a little bit of a menswear vibe with its broad shoulders and fit, so it’s a great contrast to the rest of the more feminine pieces.

To complete the look, she wears a pair of vintage booties. The light brown boots and the green and blue tones in her outfit complement each other well. She keeps her accessories to a minimum by wearing a simple wooden necklace.

Layer different styles and pieces for a look that is fun and unique! Just like this Fashionista, you can incorporate various trends into your look when layering—military coats, menswear shapes and denim. So tomorrow morning, sleep in a little longer and spontaneously throw together some pieces—the results may surprise you!

How To: Start with a simple base by wearing a pair of jeans and a gray T-shirt. Then pair one or two pieces—a jacket, a sweater, etc.—for a simple layered look. Wear minimal accessories, and for a cohesive look, stick to either all cool or all warm colors.