ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterns and Pops

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterns and Pops

This Fashionista rocks a monochromatic look by wearing a white lace crochet top and a white long open-front knit cardigan, both from Michael Kors. The lace top has a loose knitting with a web-like pattern, while the cardigan is in a close-knitted, vertical design. This never boring, one-note dressing is one of the easiest ideas for a simple outfit on a casual school day in summer. By layering different fabrics and patterns that give the look interest and texture, you can still rock a fashionable piece while wearing all the same colour.

With today’s technological world, your phone is the one possession that can be visible all day long, whether it is in your hand as you walk or on your desk at work. Over the past few years, smartphones have gone beyond mere utilitarian tech tools to highly visible accessories of a modern life, and phone cases have gone from mere pragmatic protectors to fashion style statements. Phone cases have evolved into fashion accessories that define the personal statement of you and your style.

This Fashionista’s phone case has catchy vibrant hues of blue and purple, giving it a modern and timeless statement. Designed by fashion journalist and critic Nina Garcia, who is also the fashion director of Elle and Marie Claire magazines and a judge on Project Runway reality television program, the snakeskin patterned “Under My Skin” smartphone case is a new design from the stylish new symmetry series line of Otterbox. Letting your phones to stay both pretty and protective, this product line is perfect for fashion savvy commuters that are up to trend and still need the trusted Otterbox protection due to daily travelling, giving you the best of both worlds of style and functionality.

Pairing this stylish phone case with the Fashionista’s monochromatic outfit gives an interesting pop of colour and pattern to contrast the monochromatic clothing. The eye-catching snakeskin pattern, especially one designed by a leader in the fashion industry, is the perfect fashion statement that turns heads, turning your smartphone into a fashion accessory on its own.

With her choice of a simple outfit, this Fashionista wears some of her favourite arm candies and rings to add some details to her look. Each ring on her hand has a different pattern and design that gives a subtle sparkle to this outfit, while her beaded bracelet and Pink armband gives a pop of her own personality and athletic vibe. Last but not least, this Fashionista finishes off with a pair of denim shorts and black sneakers. These two choices go well with monochromatic neutral pieces, with the classic denim adding the perfect amount of colour to the outfit and the sneakers providing comfort for students, especially commuters like her. The entire outfit gives her a casual, yet refreshing, look perfect for many occasions in summer.

How To: Phone cases are the newest fashion accessories. Don’t be afraid to get a smartphone case with vibrant designs and interesting patterns, or even have one custom made to define your style and personality.