ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pair It With Patterns

Let’s be real here. There are some days that all I want to do is throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and put in no further effort. Whether it’s too hot, rainy and gloomy or I’m just too tired (which is usually the case), sometimes looking cute is just not in the cards. In high school, I used to plan my outfits out the night before to prevent these situations. In high school, I also tried way too hard. Nobody has the time for that anymore. So, is there any way to embrace our inner lazy selves and make a T-shirt and jeans look like a stylish outfit? This Fashionista has answered our prayers!

I spotted this outfit on the street and was instantly inspired. The basis of the look is essentially my favorite combination ever: a T-shirt and jeans. However, there are three key elements that she added to the outfit that make it cute and trendy. Accessories can seriously transform an outfit. The first and most important accessories that she is wearing are her shoes. They are a classic cheetah print and instantly make the outfit more fun and interesting. They truly complete the look. To take it that extra step, she is wearing a bunch of cool jewelry, including stacked bracelets, some chunky rings and a cool necklace. The third element is the rip in the knee of this Fashionista’s dark gray skinny jeans. Ripped jeans have been a massive trend for a little over a year now, and (here’s to hoping) it will never go anywhere. Ripped denim paired with really anything will instantly make an outfit edgier and more interesting.

So, Fashionistas/os, let’s be lazy! Next time I don’t feel like staring at my closet for 15 minutes trying to pick out something cute to wear (which is impossible because I have nothing cute to wear, right?), I’m going to put my own spin on this outfit and wear a pair of ripped light wash boyfriend jeans, a white loose-fitting V-neck and a pair of floral two-strap heels. Oh, and can’t forget jewelry; mine will probably be dainty and silver because I’m boring. Try the look out yourselves!

How To: On those days that you just lack motivation, wear whatever plain outfit you want! To make it look like you actually tried, throw on a pair of patterned heels, slip-ons, sneakers or sandals (in whichever pattern you prefer), and you’re all set!