ALL IN THE DETAILS: Oversized Sweaters

Let’s face it, living in New Orleans inhibits us from truly getting to bundle up during the winter. With the constant temperature changes it’s a daily struggle to put together an outfit that will work during both the highs and lows of each day. Although I love the fact that I don’t have to layer myself in scarves and gloves while walking to class, I do miss showing off my winter style with a new coat or cable knit beanie. So how can you dress wintery in New Orleans without profusely sweating under a puffy jacket? This Fashionista figured it out.

No need to leave your favorite cable knit sweater at home this winter. The key to dressing wintery without actually bundling up is simplicity. This Fashionista mastered the trick by wearing an oversized cardigan over a light black tank top and leggings. She may look bundled up but can easily take off a layer if the temperature decides to fluctuate. Oversized cardigans have been seen everywhere this winter. Between celebrities’ street styles and on runways everywhere, an oversized sweater is a key piece to own this season. The key to wearing an oversized piece without giving off the appearance that you are drowning in it is to wear one color underneath. By wearing all black underneath her oversized cardigan, this Fashionista still manages to show off her silhouette.

Along with her oversized cardigan, she adds length to her legs with all black knee-high boots. The boots provide another wintery touch without adding too much warmth. To accessorize, this Fashionista follows a layering trend. Her three necklaces layer over one another perfectly without taking away from her cardigan.

How To: Brought your favorite cardigans to school but don’t know how to wear them without getting overheated? Don’t sweat it! Pair your favorite cardigan over a light tank top and leggings to give off that wintery look while still being comfortable with the temperatures in New Orleans.