ALL IN THE DETAILS: Oversized Scarves

Giant blanket scarves have been all the rage lately, and for good reason. They’re a fashionable way to shield us from this bitterly cold weather. Enormous scarves are something everyone needs in their closet. They can be put with a T-shirt and jeans or over a coat like this Fashionista did. This Fashionista took the typical oversized scarf to another level with some texture.

Details really do make the outfit, and this Fashionista has got the details down perfectly. In my opinion, a good outfit should have one strong focal point. Her oversized scarf is certainly the main focus of her fabulous outfit; the white scarf really pops on top of her black pea coat and the feathery texture adds extra interest. Along with her scarf, she is showing off a perfectly subtle leopard print Betsey Johnson cross-body bag and distressed brown boots.

I work in a bakery back in my hometown, and our favorite saying is that frosting covers a multitude of sins. Luckily, the same is true with scarves. Scarves like these, (giant ones that is), can make any outfit look like you spent actual time putting it together. When you throw an interesting scarf over a basic T-shirt, your shirt becomes a backdrop to a beautiful scarf. Suddenly your favorite comfy T-shirt becomes a put-together look. So from now on, when you wake up an hour late for class, don’t panic. Just grab your favorite scarf and throw it on top of any shirt and run out the door. If you don’t mind wearing dresses during the day, scarves and dresses are perfect together. Choose one to be the focal point and you’re done. It looks like you spent hours in front of your closet stressing over what to wear when you really only spent five minutes getting ready.

How To: These scarves are just waiting for someone to appreciate how pretty they are, so why don’t you? They’d be perfect for date night, class or even relaxing at a coffee shop with friends.