ALL IN THE DETAILS: Orange is the New Bold

I’m a huge fan of popping color into an outfit, especially if it’s your favorite color to wear! It’s an easy way to brighten up what could be a dull ensemble. Sometimes this color is tricky to wear or maybe you aren’t sure how much of it to add to the outfit. No worries! Taking small steps is key to adding a bold, new color to your style. I find that orange and yellow are the most challenging because they’re more vibrant in color. At least we can choose how to wear the color orange: the orange jumpsuits in Orange is the New Black aren’t entirely fashionable yet are still inspiring outfits enough to call for change on prison attire.

The orange pops of color caught my eye from this Fashionista’s outfit because they were so fun! She made this bold color work by incorporating it in small ways. Her dress had a little bit of orange in the pattern. This is something to look for if you want the bold color in your entire outfit without overdoing it. She drew the orange from her dress out with her bright orange nail polish on her hands and feet. What I really loved were her colorful orange sandals because people can sometimes forget shoes can be fun too! She complemented the orange with gold jewelry and gold sunglasses. Her handbag was kept toned down in black so that wouldn’t take away from the orange color.

How To: Incorporate orange (or another bold color) into your outfit in details and accessories. I love how her nails were painted this bright color because it’s an unexpected way of putting orange into the look. Look for clothing that incorporates orange in the patterns or trim; it doesn’t have to be the same bright shade. Then, bring the orange out of the pattern by wearing colorful shoes!