ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Your Everyday Denim

Here in Wisconsin, winters can be long and brutal. Warm coats, hats and boots are daily necessities, along with the backpacks and school supplies we have to carry around as students. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it harder to be a Fashionista when I’m wearing the same few pieces of outerwear all season long. It’s definitely easiest to buy a coat and backpack that can match anything, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Denim is a loved and worn material, but placing it somewhere unexpected (like in a pair of sneakers, a hat or other accessory rather than in a pair of jeans) can update a neutral and comfy winter outfit.

This Fashionisto incorporated a denim backpack into his warm, wintry outfit for an unexpected pop of color and a fresh way to wear a commonplace textile. Blue jean pants are so familiar we sometimes consider them a neutral piece that we can pair with any color or texture. However, in wearing warm shades of brown in his pants and military style boots, a simple geometrically patterned sweater and a solid, red beanie, this Fashionisto makes this staple material the highlight of his outfit.

How To: Thinking about adding a denim accent to your outfit like this Fashionisto? Start with a pair of pants that aren’t jeans if you want to make the accessory the center of attention. Keep the rest of your outfit simple by choosing pieces in neutral colors and subdued patterns so that the blue denim can take the spotlight!