ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not So Basic Black

The monochromatic black outfit is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. It is an easy go-to look for any occasion, especially in the late winter months when the black color scheme matches your attitude about the dreary cold. However, putting on a pair of black jeans with a black sweater every day can get a bit dull. How can you spice up an all-black outfit while still keeping it mostly black? Key accessories can be used to enhance monochromatic looks and add interest.

Adding some color is an easy way to make an outfit pop. However, for those who love an all-black getup and do not love color, adding subtle metallic accessories is the perfect way to add a pop to your outfit without getting too colorful. This Fashionista keeps it minimal with black and metallic gold accessories–a black choker, black and gold earrings, a Michael Kors belt and gold metallic booties. The jewelry is very simple while the belt and shoes are more bold, making a statement. These accessories matched together add interesting detail to her black ripped jeans and peek-a-boo sweater without going too over-the-top. Her look is still monochromatic, but the eye is drawn to the shiny metallic details of the belt, shoes and jewelry.

How To: Spice up your go-to all-black outfit by mixing and matching simple accessories. Try an edgy statement belt, minimal jewelry and shoes in a gold or silver color. Mixing multiple accessories with all-black clothing can attract attention while still keeping the classic monochromatic look we all know and love.