We’re only two weeks into this semester and already I’m feeling overwhelmed with a full class load. Running all over campus in this cold weather hasn’t exactly helped either. Most of the time, it feels like Tallahassee is having an identity crisis and can’t decide if it’s part of Florida or North Carolina. For days (or months) where the weather fluctuates like Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, planning your outfit may be a little more challenging than usual. In this case, layering should be your next move.

Starting off with a good base outfit will give you more options for those morning that start at 40 degrees and warm up to 70 by the afternoon. This Fashionisto went with the classic jeans and a T-shirt as his base and accessorized appropriately from there. You may have some good pieces but the outfit won’t come together without a strong base. When creating your look, make sure you’re wearing a pair of jeans that are a good fit and wash. His jeans are just long enough that they can be cuffed without looking like his ankles are drowning in fabric. The same goes for the T-shirt. For staples like these, find your favorite fit and style of t-shirt and invest in at least three of them. Black anything fades way too quickly (I’ve already been through three pairs of high-waisted BDG jeans since last May). When you find something good, go with it—and maybe consider buying it in bulk.

Now that we’ve established our base it’s time to get to what this article is all about—the details! Layer a thick cardigan with a cool design you like over your base. This Fashionisto chose one with a southwestern print. A patterned cardigan can make any outfit look more thought out without actually making any effort. He chose a pair of derby boots with brogue detail that made the outfit as a whole look more polished juxtaposed with the rustic flair of his ball-cap and accessories.

How To: This look is super easy to mimic. Using his formula you can come up with plenty of options for days you want to at least look like you’re trying. No one’s here to judge, we’ve all been there. Find yourself leaving the apartment in just jeans and a T-shirt? Throw on a printed cardigan. Really, it’s that easy.