ALL IN THE DETAILS: New Take on the Statement Necklace

This Fashionista attends Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studies art. Not only does she study art, she wears it! Caroline is wearing this beautiful necklace that is sure to make a statement. Most of the time, people think of statement necklaces as the shorter ones that fall at the top of your chest. This necklace not only makes a bold statement up top but it continues as it falls elegantly down her entire front. This necklace makes the outfit and definitely makes a statement.

A necklace is an important detail for any look. Whether it’s long or short and no matter what  the occasion is, a necklace can always take your outfit to the next level. This type of necklace in particular is very edgy and chic. When adding a necklace like this to your look, you’ll be sure to feel fearless. Just take a look at how this Fashionista wears it! She looks confident and in control; little details like this are essential if you want to stand out. Edge is always in and in some cases, the more you have the better.

This Fashionista paired her necklace with a denim colored, short sleeve bodycon dress and taupe lace-up, open toe booties. She was excited to rock this necklace that her sister gave her for her birthday. A tip that I’ve learned and live by is: accessories make the best gifts! If I’m ever wondering what to get someone, I was always to stop the accessory section. I believe that a lot of the times, people forget to buy accessories or maybe do not want to spend as much on them as clothes. But ladies, accessories are a must! If you give a necklace like this as a gift, it will be a memorable piece that will make the look even better knowing that someone took the time to pick it out for you.

How To: A long, bold statement necklace can bring any outfit to life. If you’re in a hurry, grab a plain white t-shirt, jeans and booties, throw on your necklace and you’re ready to go!