If you’re from anywhere in the Midwest, you probably spend a good portion of your time complaining about the weather. Despite the fact that it’s officially June, the cold weather hasn’t let up. While, thankfully, the sun still pokes through. I can often find myself getting chilly in the mornings and evenings. And although I’m disappointed I can’t fully embrace bare legs, I’m still a little excited that I get to keep wearing my favorite sweaters. I was so ecstatic when I spotted this Fashionista because of how perfectly she embodied the summer vibe while still keeping warm in this unfortunate weather.

While her cream sweaterdress is stellar, it’s definitely not the stand out portion of her outfit. The accessories she chose helped transform an everyday dress into a statement making piece. By keeping her accessories all in the same color family, the ensemble blends together into a well-styled masterpiece. Her scarf is cream just like her dress, but adds volume because it’s a shade deeper. Her sunglasses and bag are black to match those absolutely amazing boots. I would never expect to see black suede boots for summer time, but this Fashionista has me praying that this trend takes over.

I’m praying for the weather to stop riding this cold and hot roller coaster so that I can go lay on the beach, but honestly, if I get to keep seeing outfits like this, I might begin to accept it! Fall is definitely my favorite fashion season, and this outfit has me yearning for it. Whip those waffle knit scarves back out ladies, fall for summer is a thing, and I’m fully campaigning for this to become an official trend. #FallForSummer and #WaffleScarves, anyone?

How To: T-shirts and sweaterdresses can be dressed up easily with accessories. Keep them neutral and pile them on! Add sunglasses, scarves, boots, necklaces and bags. As long as they are plain they won’t overwhelm your outfit. Keep the collar necklaces at home and try mixing a few thin chain and pendant pieces for a more subtle approach.