February 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

With Valentine’s Day coming up I think there are a few things on everybody’s mind. Love, yes, but then there are also the flowers and the candy. But I swear I can’t open a magazine, go into a store or turn on the TV without seeing some sort of jewelry advertisement, marketing that special “forever” type of romance. And while I may not buy into the whole consumer-holiday that is Valentine’s Day, I do think that there are certain pieces of jewelry that do scream “forever.”

I was drawn to this Fashionista by her all around put together outfit. Hair done, makeup on and that bright pop of color from her sweater just drew me in. It has been pretty gross in New Haven as of late. Slush and snow mix together and definitely put a damper on my day, so it’s always nice to see somebody put in a little extra effort, even if they are trudging through the city snow to get to class.

She wears black tights, high gray socks, black boots and her yellow sweater really seems to pull the entire outfit together. But what I was drawn to under closer examination was her necklace. I think that there has been a lot of emphasis on these big statement necklaces and other pieces of statement jewelry, but sometimes it’s really nice just to appreciate a delicate piece of jewelry, nothing big, flashy and colorful just something pretty. And while jewelry like this can be a bit more expensive, I think it is definitely a good investment to make. You really will have it forever. Here is a heart tag charm necklace, a bow pendant and a small circle pendant.

How To: Tired of the big statement pieces, but still want something pretty? A more delicate piece of jewelry might be right for you. The great thing about smaller pieces is that they really do go with anything. You can wear it with a sweater and jeans, any kind of going out outfit or you could even wear it as part of your internship ensemble.