ALL IN THE DETAILS: Nature Is Out There

July 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all have that one friend that can pull together the craziest outfit and yet still leave the house looking fresh and fashionable. This Fashionista exudes confidence and a funky feel through her accessory driven outfit. The key essentials to this outfit isn’t the shocking red fascinator atop her head or the string of pearls, but rather the addition of the brown belt and brown wedge heels. Floral dresses are still all the rage, and are a classic staple that one can always count on especially in this humid Kansas weather.

Fashion trends always have some sort of inspiration, from structured and historical dress from other time periods. With this look, one doesn’t have to go very far to see the trend of nature flood over into the outfit. The blue flowers on the dress, coupled with the other brown accessories, mirrors a flower field. The large flower print can be seen as styled after a large meadow of flowers, while the brown belt created a solid line, attributed to the brown soil of which the flowers grow. This inspires others to mirror the nature around them. The brown belt attracts the eye to the center of the outfit, creating an hourglass figure and giving the outfit structure. By adding the wedge heels as well, it elongates her legs and gives her a little extra height. By really playing into the neutral brown color, it helps to make the red in the fascinator really stand out and pop.

How To: Yank your favorite floral dress out of the closet and search for vision outside your front door. Grab your favorite neutral shoes and accessories, bringing the scenery wherever you go.