ALL IN THE DETAILS: Natural Beauty

In college a lot of times, one experiments with his or her look quite a bit. I myself have been known to cut all my hair off or dye it teal (photos for another time). However, this look sticks out to me because it is so genuine. If you’ve met this Fashionista even for just a minute, you would know that she incorporates her personality through her style flawlessly. She often picks things with themes from nature, something she says she can’t get enough of.

The gold leaf headband and matching earrings are direct homages to where she feels most comfortable. However, the subtler aspects of the natural world can be seen. The dream catcher earring is notably from the Native Americans, a people deeply connected to the wild world around them. The incorporation of metals and turquoise, along with the arrowhead on her shirt, also mimic the traditions of the Native Americans. On that note, her shirt can be seen with many symbols from nature (and not just traditional forests!), such as a palm tree or a cactus plant.

This Fashionista does something that a lot of people, including myself, are a bit afraid to do. She mixes the metals on her jewelry quite a bit, especially her rings. This is often said to be a fashion taboo, and thus why I point it out specifically. She does it in a way that is subtle, almost unnoticeable. Her skin tone shines beautifully with both metals, and she isn’t afraid to say: “I want to wear both!” I don’t look quite so flattering in gold, so typically I choose to stick to silver. To sum up: who cares!? Know what you’re working with, then make it work! This style exhibits the things that come natural (ah…get it? Nature? No?) to her and it really puts her stunning beauty on display.

Combined with the gradient jacket (reminiscent of a sunset), a slimming dark jean and combat boots are a perfect way to add a modern twist to this boho style. There a few pieces I wouldn’t dream of wearing, but that’s because it’s not me. It’s 100 percent her. This Fashionista uses these aspects to bring a breath of fresh, forest air into the concrete city.

How To: One of the best ways to develop your own style is pick pieces you are naturally drawn to and work them into your wardrobe! You like that necklace, but don’t know what top it’ll go with? Don’t worry! If you love it, you’ll find a way to wear it!