ALL IN THE DETAILS: My Inner Festival

June 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Welcome to the beginnings of the summer solstice! The summer sun brings out all that we long for here in the Midwest: BBQs, beach days, bonfires, camping, concerts and festivals! With each occasion comes a certain dress code, which is what inspired this Fashionisto’s outfit. He was on his way to a Mumford & Sons concert, hence the festival wear: a button-up shirt, graphic tank top, tailored shorts and Sperry Top-Siders. The combination is great for the beginning of summer where it may be blazing hot during the day, and a little cooler at night.

Specifically on this Fashionisto’s outfit, the color blocking catches my eye. I have always enjoyed the brown and blue color combination, and what is nice here is how the browns stay on the bottom half and the blues on the top half. But I think the most eye-catching is the graphic tank top that the Fashionisto pulls off. Without the design of the tank top, it could bring the Fashionisto to a less interesting outfit, a different occasion or portray a different look. It gives the whole outfit a certain pop and statement, bringing the outfit together. The Fashionisto could have closed the button-up shirt or left the button-up in the closet altogether. In this sense, the tank top and button-up work in tandem. And because the Fashionisto chose to wear them together, he shows onlookers his trained eye.

How To: If you’re going to a festival or a concert, getting this look won’t be that hard. If you don’t have any of these items in your wardrobe and you’re on a tight budget because of the ticket you paid to attend the festival/concert, a local thrift store can help when looking for a button-up and possibly shorts. Otherwise, places like Forever 21, H&M and ASOS are great when trying to find graphic T-shirts, tank tops, shirts and shorts. Have fun with it; getting a matching designed short or shoe with the shirt makes for a better statement. What’s also great about this look is that it definitely translates to a look Fashionistas can wear. A great combination for this season is a floral shirt, lightweight cardigan and distressed shorts. After that, Fashionistas and Fashionistos, accessorize as appropriate, and you’re ready for that summer sun!