ALL IN THE DETAILS: Musically Stylish

Recently, the attention on men’s fashion has increased as designers have added more creativity and innovation to their menswear collections. However, even though this shift in focus has occurred, women’s fashion is still the center of interest for both women and men. For Fashionistos, the question we ask ourselves daily is how can we counteract this issue while also adding some style to our outfits? Well, one way is by donning an accessory that is so small you might not have thought it would have any effect on your outfit: cuff links.

Cuff links are staple pieces to wear with any dressy button-down shirt underneath a suit or tuxedo jacket. They add a sophisticated and classy look that pulls an outfit together without being too flashy or taking all of the attention away from the entire ensemble. Cuff links are one of the few accessories that are not utilized by many men on college campuses, but this Fashionisto makes them a central point for his outfit.

This Fashionisto is wearing silver music note cuff links, breaking from the plain and even boring standard cuff links usually worn by men. They complement his striped button-down shirt and black dress pants flawlessly. The cuff links are trendy and unique and are sure to catch the eye of many envious classmates. His outfit also includes black shoes and a belt as well as a silver watch, which complete his outfit.

How To: Change things up when you dress up for a fun date night or formal by adding some cuff links to your outfit. Just be sure to find a pair that is striking and fun but not obnoxious and excessive.