ALL IN THE DETAILS: Music Festival Fashion

July 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi Fashionistas! I just have arrived home from Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury, Michigan! If you haven’t heard of the festival, it is a four day long event where you camp out and are surrounded by a neon lit forest. The festival has a mixture of different artists and individuals sporting festival trends. While there, I saw many Fashionistas implementing these trends and making them their own.

This Fashionista is just one of many that I saw out during the festival. My favorite detail about her outfit is her fanny pack. There are not many reasons that one would wear a fanny pack (unless you’re a grandma), but during a music festival is definitely one! The fanny pack made it easy for this Fashionista to keep her necessities on her while enjoying the music! The aztec print on the fanny pack adds a little something special to it. If you’re going to a music festival or just a concert this summer, this Forever 21 fanny pack would be an convenient addition to your outfit.

The Fashionista’s palm tree crop top is cute when paired with some high-waisted shorts! Her outfit is perfect for Michigan during the day because it was hot and would keep her cool. For the night, she told me she was adding a kimono over her outfit because it does get cold there at night. I found the same Charolette Russe crop top she was wearing online.

How To: You can wear a crop top, high-waisted shorts and a fanny pack to imitate this summer festival look. Also, add a ’90s black choker like this Fashionista!