ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mr. Nonchalant

Who says you can’t layer in the summer? This Fashionisto was caught on campus, chin up and head high, confident, as he owned this layered look. But what puts this ensemble over the top is the statement piece he’s wearing, the kimono. Decked out in all denim, this Fashionisto brings attention to the design on his bohemian top.

The bohemian look has become a classic summer style, translating free spirits and relaxed vibes into an everyday outfit. The dark blue kimono this Fashionisto is wearing is free flowing and light, still keeping him cool on a sunny day. The beige colored arabesque design creates an intricate, eye-catching pattern. The neutral colors on the kimono create a calm feeling for the overall look, staying true to the effortless power of the kimono.

Sticking with the color blue, the Fashionisto wore light wash jeans and a denim top to match. To balance it all out, he threw on a wooden necklace similar in color of the detail on the kimono. He added a pair of white kicks and was ready to go.

This Fashionisto is a real lover of unique items, so he’s always out on the hunt for new designs and creative pieces. He likes taking the “staples in [his] wardrobe that are versatile and timeless and mixing them with more style sensitive pieces.” By following this Fashionisto’s style recipe, you too can achieve his look!

How To: Choose a kimono with detailed printed all over. Pick out the main colors in the design and use those same colors and shades throughout the rest of your outfit. Sticking to one color palette is important in achieving this overall look. Keep it constant so there are no distractions. Add wooden accessories to keep the natural, bohemian feel. Wear a pair of shades to add a little mystery and you are set!