ALL IN THE DETAILS: Moving in Monochromatics

College students are constantly in motion. Moving in and out of class, rushing to jobs and internships, going to study groups and making it just in time for happy hour with their friends. Time management is a necessary skill that is has to be fostered and developed over the years in college, in order to have a successful academic career, a thriving professional life, and enjoying social activities. Once you’ve mastered actually managing your schedule on a time front, the next part is finding the right outfit that will fit the transit lifestyle of a college student. The kind of outfit that looks great for giving a presentation in class and also chic enough for meeting up with friends for that after class latte or beer. This Fashionista has truly mastered the all in one outfit; from class, to work, to meetups with friends, the key to a fabulous outfit… monochromatics!

Monochromatic outfits are so fashion-forward, while simultaneously simple and approachable. Many famous street style stars like Chiara Ferragni and Leandra Medine, move around fabulous cities in bold head to toe red outfits or sleek and cool all-black outfits. However crafting a monochromatic outfit can pose as a challenge to some and could easily go wrong in a styling sense. The secret weapon to perfecting a monochromatic outfit is all in the textures. Wearing the same color in different textures makes an outfit more dynamic. This Fashionista mixed a softer, romantic velvet turtleneck with harder flat textures. In an outfit there always needs to be contrast. When there is something soft, add something hard to make it balanced.

Another tip for perfecting a monochromatic outfit is accessories! Accessories can give any outfit a little pop of life. This Fashionista added the trendy statement, snap back hat that all of the “it” kids of Instagram are wearing. The hat gives her outfit the element of casualness and sporty vibes. Adding jewelry is another fun to bring an outfit to life. In a monochromatic outfit you can play up the jewelry more and choose bold pieces. This Fashionista made the necklace herself, but its eclectic and bold design is something that you too can be inspired by and wear in your next monochrome outfit. Also a killer sleek pair shoes never hurts! Shoes can give an outfit a new and unexpected kick, no pun intended.

Let this Fashionista inspire you for the days when your schedule is overflowing, but you can still have an outfit that gives the boost of confidence that you need.