We’re all used to hearing the age-old saying, “less is more,” but I want to challenge that opinion! Life is short, so I say we should enjoy our favorite things in abundance. Whether it be more dessert, more naps, more makeup or in this case, more accessories, I say we should free ourselves from traditional opinions and take advantage of all of the things that make life worth living.

This Fashionista used the philosophy “more is more” when styling this simple black dress. By itself it’s simple and pretty, but the gold accents take it to the next level. The gold key necklace layers perfectly with a longer gold chain, but she didn’t stop there. Her swirled ring accents her gold bangles on one wrist, while a simple bracelet with pretty stones on the other wrist ties the look together. Plus, she didn’t forget to add minimal gold earrings that peek out from beneath her bouncy curls. This Fashionista’s gold toned jewelry complements her highlights in an unexpected yet flawless combination!

But wait, there’s more! Although the backless dress already has a tie back, she chose to add a unique touch that can really only be worn in the middle of summer: a black bikini top as a bra. The bikini ties at the neck and mid-back add even more interesting detail to this outfit, not to mention being way more comfortable than any traditional bra!

How To: If you’re unsure about how to layer multiple accessories without looking like a decked-out Christmas tree, try starting with a solid colored dress and gradually adding pieces of jewelry that are in the same color family until reaching your desired look.