ALL IN THE DETAILS: Monochrome Summers

We all know that this summer is pretty scorching and one does not dare to venture out in the weather. Do not be surprised if you see a story of me melting like a Popsicle on the nightly news. As the weather gets hotter, Fashionistas tend to want to strip themselves of everything and feel comfortable during these summer days. Even if that is beyond ideal, sometimes those wishes go down the drain. When you have work or classes, it’s always essential to dress well and show your best you. Delving into how to dress appropriately while comfortably in the summer is essential. This Fashionista showcased that she could look cute and modest at the same time for classes on a hot summer day.

These days, the bee’s knees has to be a great and boxy fitting short sleeve button-down, as they are pretty easy to throw on and make you a bit more on the dressed up side. You may not look as classy and dapper as someone in a suit, but it’s close enough. The patterned shirt with gray stripes gives it a fun look, even though it is minimal in color and is as simple as it gets. To look even more studious in the summer, the Fashionista wore black-rimmed glasses. Of course, to stay clean and fresh, the Fashionista wore crisp white shorts, avoiding the consequences of dark toned shorts.

No look is whole without the accessories! In this look, the Fashionista brought her leather satchel purse. Purses like these are always essential and a must-have staple, even for this upcoming fall season. It is always a fantastic idea to match your shoes with your purse, and the Fashionista did just that with her black leather platforms. The attentions to detail on these shoes are perfection at best.

How To: For this look, I would put on a fresh and clean boxy short sleeve button-up and finish off the looking with other clean and matching pieces. If you follow the simple rules, then you’ll be summer ready in no time!

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