ALL IN THE DETAILS: Monochromatic Michael

Every Fashionista has those days when you just want to look cool and effortless, but not like you just rolled out of bed and threw on the closest piece of clothing. Those are the days when you can sleep in a little later because all you have to do for the day is to go to class and to grab lunch with your friends. I just love being able to look stylish and presentable while feeling comfortable and awake, knowing I did not have to wake up three hours prior to leaving my apartment in order to look this way. Not a lot of people can achieve that type of look, but instead look like they tried too hard or not hard enough in their appearance. Sometimes all you need is a statement accessory and a monochromatic color scheme to make it happen.

Provided by Michael Kors, this Fashionista owns the perfect go-to tote for any casual day; the vanilla color gives a relaxed vibe while the darker colored straps and infamous MK logo make the tote the statement piece for the outfit. This Michael Kors tote can fit just about everything and anything that anyone can think of, which is perfect for those days when you don’t know what is coming your way. The infamous MK logo pattern is big and bold, covering the entire tote, which draws attention to the accessory. The optional twisted brown straps match perfectly with her cutout sandals and brown sunglasses. Michael doesn’t only make a sassy statements on seasons one through 10 of Project Runway, but also for this Fashionista’s outfit!

The accessories are well matched with a pair of denim skinny jeans and a flowy nude tank top with tribal detailing. The navy and neon pink colors of the detail help make the outfit pop a bit more, but does not overshadow the statement tote.

How To: Give any casual outfit a monochromatic feel by choosing a color to match everything head to toe, except for the bottoms. To make it look more spontaneous and unplanned, mix and match different shades and hues of that color. For the bottoms, keep it simple with a pair of denim shorts or pants. Also, make sure to use a bigger tote in order to grab people’s attention, just like how this Fashionista did.