When talking about the ’90s, the rock music fans could not stop talking about famous bands like Alice in Chains, Green Day or Nirvana. It was a period of time of young energy and passion. It was a time you became totally freed to express yourself with garments in ways you never thought you would get used to. It was a time when you saw teens all dressing up in thrift store items, worn-out clothing and looking totally unkempt. The grunge fashion was one of the most sought-after fashion in the early ’90s. The slouchy, dirty and experimental was the signature style of the ’90s grunge fashion. As popular as it was, the popular has come back and is able to live today as the modern Fashionistas pushed it to another new, modern height.

Even though I could appreciate grunge fashion, I could never really put it on my back as I like things to look clean and sleek. However, my opinion changed when I saw this Fashionista on the street and I totally fell in love with her outfit and cool personality. Her outfit was simple and modern yet with a very few visible touches of grunge elements.

Her oversized light-washed ripped denim jacket is covered with holes of various shapes and sizes. The holes are mainly gathered around the shoulder and side seam lines of the jacket. Longer strips of hole aligned on the sleeves of the jacket, giving the jacket a ‘bad’ look, yet still clean and simple. She then paired it with a tan top and a pair of ripped dark tone high-waisted denim jeans.

What is so amazing is that she paired the look with a huge vintage burgundy briefcase. As the briefcase has been used for years, the side of the bag has been worn-out, leaving marks of distress. And this has actually worked in her favor as it complements the look really well.

The Fashionista then finished the look with a pair of black suede pointed-toe ankle boots that added a little of modern high fashion element to the look. The whole look is modern, clean but with clear grunge personality in it. I absolutely love it!

How To: If you are a modern grunge fashion fan, try on an oversized vintage jacket with ripped skinny jeans. Keep the top under the jacket simple and definitely add an amazing vintage leather bag to complete the look!