There are a couple things that every closet has to have and that includes a plain black T-shirt and a flannel.  We used to think flannels could only be worn by Fashionistas in small country towns, but now you are seeing them around every waist from the country to the big cities. They have become a quick and easy way to spice up any look.

This Fashionista decided to spice up her flannel even more by pairing it with this amazing patterned skirt. The checkered pattern of the flannel and the tribal design on the skirt surprisingly go hand in hand. Now, you can’t just mix any two prints and justify it, but she nailed it by mixing not only prints but color palettes. The black and white skirt made it easier to layer this red and blue flannel. By keeping the colors on the skirt minimal, it helps make the look appealing instead of looking like you just threw two random pieces together at the last second.

Another great part of this Fashionista’s look is the length of the skirt. This particular midi skirt goes past the knee which makes the skirt just long enough to overpower the flannel. Since it isn’t a mini skirt, the look isn’t cluttered and doesn’t have too much going on in one part of her body. To top off this whole look, she wore a plain black T-shirt to put all of your attention on her prints.

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and mix-match some of your favorite pieces, you never know what outfit could come as a result.

How To: To rock this look on your own, try pairing two of your favorite prints together but don’t forget to keep one part of your outfit simple. Add some cute bracelets and a bag and you’re ready to roll.